Rainbow Intl Of Northeastern Maryland

Truck Driver and Warehouse Facilitator


Bel Air, MD


Full Time

Truck Driver and Warehouse Facilitator is responsible for getting vaults delivered and for picking up contents from contents jobs.  When not delivering or coordinating deliveries, he is in charge of warehouse activities show below.  The Driver / Facilitator is not a clean-up man for sloppy techs and contents people.  He has the right to call out employees who are regular offenders of clutter and sloppiness.  The Warehouse Facilitator recognizes that we sell the neatness of our operation to people touring our facility at short or no notice.  The Warehouse Facilitator reports to the Production Manager..

  1. Truck Driving and delivery
    1. Applicant must have a clean driving record with certified copy from MVA. Applicant must have a medical card.  Driver should be familiar with driving a 25,999 GVW rated truck, 25’ long
    2. Driver should be comfortable using a smart phone device and able to use inventory management software and be able to load and unload vaults. Should be comfortable lifting furniture and boxes for delivery to and from homes
    3. Facilitator should be comfortable using a 7000 lb forklift to load and unload trucks.
    4. The driver / facilitator must view safety as paramount in all aspects of his job.
  2. Organization
    1. Must use iCat program to understand inventory, number of vaults, work with scheduling, have some familiarity mechanically to assemble and disassemble furniture, etc.
    2. Warehouse organization: to ensure that all vaults are properly placed, labeled for maximum efficiency NEATLY in rows. Teach and encourage all employees to put items away when they are done with them, etc.
    3. Warehouse is to be kept neat, clean and organized to prove the level of professional organization in our facility
      1. Blankets, Pool Tables Wrapped and properly protected.
      2. Orphan or total loss items that can be approved for disposal are disposed of promptly or put back to their assigned vault.
    4. Equipment repair
      1. All equipment is tagged and properly marked for repair
      2. Equipment is coordinated for repair, either by vender or by Warehouse Facilitator.
      3. Parts ordered for equipment to be repaired for water or contents equipment
    5.  Cleanliness
    6. Warehouse is to be swept at least weekly; trash cans and carts emptied regularly and placed at agreed locations.  Warehouse Facilitator seeks to eliminate and stomp out clutter.
  3. Inventory Management
    1. Warehouse Facilitator will work with the Inventory Manager (Noelle Miller). Warehouse Facilitator will coordinate needed items that Inventory Manager may not be familiar with, or have access to (such as job boxes on trucks or trunks in storage area) or other specialty items Inventory Manager is not familiar with.  Inventory Manager will monitor inventory of all items weekly and review with the Production Manager, General Manager and Warehouse Facilitator for items needed in advance of work to be started.
      1. All items from venders will be promptly stored on shelving and neatly organized and packing lists delivered to Inventory Manager; generally, within 24 hours of delivery
        1. Packing Materials- Corrugated products, small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, mirror boxes
      2. Paper, wadding, tape, total loss, non transportable tape, high value, stretch wrap (misc sizes). Placement of used boxes, bundled in 20 count stacks, etc.
      3. Skills: forklift operation and certification; should be able to load and unload trucks; should be able to use inventory iCat software to scan vaults into to aisles accurately and safely
  4. Truck and Specialty Trunk Inventory:
    1. Trucks are to be properly stocked with the inventory items list assigned to each truck (water and contents as applicable), with any boxes inventoried and then tagged with color coded zip tie indicating that inventory is accurate and up to date.
    2. Trunks to be inventoried and then tagged with colored wire zip showing that inventory is complete. Trucks include: Fire and bio hazard, HVAC, Soda Blasting, contents or other specialty trunks in our inventory.
    3. Tools allocated to location – ie, wrenches in trucks are marked for that trunk or tool bag assigned to a truck or, tools labled for that location are at that location (just like klimp hammers with labels on it for each door location), includes pinch bars on trucks, etc.
    4. Water mitigation related:
      1. Organization of warehouse and all trucks
      2. Cleaning of equipment as needed.
      3. Maintenance of mitigation equipment
        1. All equipment marked with defect note
        2. Schedule for repair of all equipment


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